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Benefits of our products

Keep your Wheelie Bin fresh and clean all year round

Wheelie Klips solutions save you money and keep your general waste wheelie bin clean all year round. No need to pay to clean your bin, use the messy jet wash or use individual plastic bags (now not free from the supermarkets!).

Klip 'n' Bag holds your Klip Bag in a secure position so they do not fall into the bin when rubbish is dropped in. But that's not all, the Klip 'n' Fresh product holds a specially designed spray bottle with a uniquely developed Zesty Citrus fragrance created to neutralise odours, reducing the possibility of fly or insect infestation! Keeps your bin nice and fresh all year round!

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Klip 'n' Fresh

Klip 'n' Fresh

Klip ‘n’ Fresh comprises of two different plastic clips which securely hold a wheelie bin liner in place to prevent the liner collapsing. One clip also holds a spray containing a Zesty Citrus fragrance created to neutralise odours, which, when sprayed, helps reduce fly and maggot infestation!

Klip 'n' Spray

Klip 'n' Spray

This is simply the replacement spray to be used when the one in your Klip ‘n’ Fresh runs out. It contains 30ml of Zesty Citrus fragrance and has an adjustable nozzle. It helps neutralise odours and detract flies and maggots.

Klip 'n' Bag

Klip 'n' Bag

Klip ‘n’ Bag comprises of two identical plastic clips which securely hold a wheelie bin liner in place and prevents the liner from falling into the bin cavity. This means they can also be used with garden rubbish which can be taken for disposal.

Klip Bags

Klip Bags

These really heavy duty wheelie bin liners being 50 microns thick are one of the thickest and probably the strongest available in the UK! They are designed to fit 120, 180 and 240 litre wheelie bins.  They are big enough to fit neatly into your bin.

Answers to keeping your Wheelie Bin clean and rid of flies and maggots

How do I stop my wheelie bin smelling?

Our Klip 'n' Fresh product allows you to use a spray fragrance when you use the bin as well as holding your bin liner in place. The spray has been specifically manufactured to allow you to position the nozzle into your bin and it holds a zesty citrus fragrance that makes your bin smell fresh.

How do you clean a wheelie bin?

With Wheelie Klip products you don't really need to clean your bin; the process of using our Klip Bags secured in place by either our Klip 'n' Fresh or Klip 'n' Bag ensures your bin does not get dirty.

How do I stop a dirty nappy stinking my bin out?

Simply press our Klip 'n' Fresh spray dispenser a few times to release the zesty citrus scent into the Klip Bag; this will help stop it smelling.

How to stop maggots in my wheelie bin?

Use our Klip 'n' Fresh with our Klip Bags daily to prevent maggots and flies being attracted to the bin. Flies lay eggs that turn into maggots but flies don't like the smell of zesty citrus so the fragrance we have produced helps prevent flies going into your bin.

  • "I usually buy bin liners for my wheelie bin from the supermarket. Have tried various ones but they are usually poor quality and tear when you try to stretch them round the rim of the bin or are not deep enough so when you put something in the bin the bag just collapses to the bottom or if it’s a windy day, which it nearly always is here in the North East of Scotland, then when you open the bin the wind just catches the liner and it falls in. However these bin liners from Wheelie klips are so strong and much thicker than anything I’ve bought in the past and they are also a lot bigger. So no fighting trying to fit it round the bin. The clips are just such a clever idea too so simple but so effective and easy to fit. Well done everyone at Wheelie klips."
    Carole Scott
  • "I bought these wheelie bin clips after trying cheap ones that either didn’t work or snapped within a week. These clips are sturdy, fit perfectly and will save you money in the long run."
    Simon Cleasby
  • "I have been trialling Wheelie Klips products for a few weeks now and I can say that their Kilp Bags are very strong, no tears, no rips, not like those from the supermarkets, and the Klip 'n' Fresh when sprayed into the bin keeps the bin fresh for a long time, my bin has lost that horrid smell it normally has in the summer months. I don't seem to have any flies either."
    Julian C
  • "I have found Wheelie Klips products to be very good. We have two cats that use a cat litter tray which means we have a bin that had a horrible smell usually being worse in the summer months. We secure the liner, the Klip Bag, into our bin and use the spray which has an easy to use nozzle. This keeps our bin smelling nice and fresh despite what we throw into it."
    Monica J R
  • "I have saved money, I previously had my bins cleaned by a firm who uses a power jet wash but now I don't need to do this as the liners Wheelie Klips supplied are really strong, they never rip and when used with the Klip 'n' Fresh product keep my bin clean and the fragrance is a lemony smell which actually lasts a long time. I never thought that my bin would smell so fresh. I think it is in the name of the clip; Klip 'n' Fresh."
    Laura T

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